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Clinical Application of Electromagnetic Fields

This review article concerning the clinical application of electromagnetic fields notes that microwave therapy has been shown to improve local circulation and vascular tone, increase the volume of functional capillaries, lower hypertension, stimulate protein and carbohydrate metabolism, stimulate the pituitary-adrenal system, produce anti-inflammatory effects, and improve digestive organ function. Studies have shown decimeter wave therapy capable of stimulating the secretory function of the stomach, as well as blood circulation, respiratory function, and the immune system. Side effects have been reported in both human and animal studies.

V.V. Orzeshkovskii, et al., “Clinical Application of Electromagnetic Fields,” in I.G. Akoevs & V.V. Tiazhelov, (eds.), Topics of Experimental and Applied Bioelectromagnetics. A Collection of Research Papers, Puschcino, USSR, USSR Academy of Sciences, Biological Sciences Research Center, 1983, . 139-147.

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