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If you are a PEMF retailer, or manufacturer, you’ll want to become a member of AOPP, and here’s why:

AOPP is an organization that supports and lobbies on behalf of the PEMF industry.

AOPP has created standards of care and certifies all of its members that use PEMF machines.

The Association of PEMF Professionals is an organization that is passionate about all things PEMF, and strives for Competence, Commitment and Education for all PEMF professionals. We do this by requiring all AOPP practitioners to become certified through our organization.

AOPP Members that get Certified will be competent in machines and treatment protocols. This also sets a standard for all members, allowing them to speak to their community from the same knowledge base, and to expand their businesses with increased confidence. All AOPP members are required to take 10 Continuing Education credits (CE’s) each year to maintain their membership status.

As a PEMF retailer, we invite you to join our organization and grow with us. With your membership you get to be part of our lobbying voice, list and promote all your devices via a retailer page within our membership site, and receive preferential treatment/placements at our annual convention.

Part of your responsibility as an AOPP retail member is to provide content to be used in the creation of 2 CE’s each year. These can be in the form of machine use and maintenance, best practices with your devices, current PEMF research, or any other content that can be used to educate the PEMF members.

Your PEMF retail company will also be able to display our AOPP logo, to let members know that you are part of our organization, and that you align with our goals and statement of purpose. Together with one voice, we will be able to lobby for easy access to local and national events, and remove any bias towards PEMF practitioners that don’t hold a degree in medicine.

We look forward to hearing from you – email, text or call us and let us know if you are interested in joining our organization. Our goal is to create a win-win relationship with your organization and help promote PEMF businesses across the globe.


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