Our Mission

To advance PEMF modality to become a Mainline, Accepted and Understood modality utilized by professional human and animal practitioners in all areas of Health, Wellness and Medicine.

  • Research – To conduct, support and further research and studies to elevate PEMF to become a recognized and accepted modality.

  • Accepted Modality – Work with State and National Regulatory Boards to make PEMF an accepted modality.

  • Support – Support and help PEMF practitioners with actions involving current regulatory boards as we work to make PEMF an accepted modality.

    Code of Ethics – Establish a unified and accepted code of ethics and guidelines for PEMF professionals.

    Method of Measurement – Establish a unified and accepted method of measurement of PEMF power and signal output.

    Establish Repository – Establish a current repository of PEMF applications, studies and accepted education guidelines for
    PEMF Professionals.

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