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Local Vacuum-Magnetotherapy of Impotency Patients

This study examined the effects of a combination pulsing magnetic field (PMF)/vacuum therapy in the treatment of impotence. Vacuum therapy consisted of the penis being placed into a hermetic cylinder with a negative pressure of 180-260 mmHg for 10-12 minutes per exposure for a total of 12-15 exposures. PMF therapy consisted of the same length and number of exposures, with 6 Hz,
30 mT being applied to the penile area at the same time as vacuum therapy. Results showed that, following the combination therapy, sexual function was restored in about 71 percent of patients, was improved in 17 percent, and did not change in 17 percent. For those patients receiving vacuum therapy only, the numbers were 51, 24, and 24 percent, respectively.

I.V. Karpukhin V.A. Bogomol’nii, Local Vacuum-Magnetotherapy of Impotency Patients, Vopr Kurortol Lech Fiz Kult, (2), 1996, p. 38-40.

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