Magnetic Fields Alter the Circadian Periodicity of Seizures

This article reports on the case of a severe epileptic who experienced a significant lessening of behavior disturbances and seizure frequency following treatment with low-frequency, external artificial magnetic fields. R. Sandyk & P.A. Anninos, "Magnetic [...]

Magnetic Stimulation in the Treatment of Partial Seizures

This article reports on the cases of three patients with partial seizures who received treatment with external artificial magnetic fields of low intensity. Such treatment led to a significant attenuation of seizure frequency over a [...]

The biological effects of magnetic stimulation in epileptic patients

Abstract BACKGROUND: The magnetoencephalogram (MEG) is the magnetic activity emitted by the brain, which can be measured using a superconductive quantum interference device (SQUID). This is a totally non-invasive method for localizing functional healthy, epileptic [...]

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