Designed electromagnetic pulsed therapy: clinical applications

Abstract First reduced to science by Maxwell in 1865, electromagnetic technology as therapy received little interest from basic scientists or clinicians until the 1980s. It now promises applications that include mitigation of inflammation (electrochemistry) and stimulation of [...]

Expanding use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapies

Abstract Various types of magnetic and electromagnetic fields are now in successful use in modern medicine. Electromagnetic therapy carries the promise to heal numerous health problems, even where conventional medicine has failed. Today, magnetotherapy provides a non [...]

The biological effects of magnetic stimulation in epileptic patients

Abstract BACKGROUND: The magnetoencephalogram (MEG) is the magnetic activity emitted by the brain, which can be measured using a superconductive quantum interference device (SQUID). This is a totally non-invasive method for localizing functional healthy, epileptic [...]

Theoretical and practical aspects of general magnetotherapy [Russian]

Abstract Such aspects of general magnetotherapy as grounds, mechanisms of physiological and therapeutic action, facilities, application, recommendations, perspectives are reviewed. Vopr Kurortol Fizioter Lech Fiz Kult 2001 Sep-Oct;(5):3-8 Ulashchik VS

Pulsed magnetotherapy in Czechoslovakia-a review

Abstract Pulsed magnetotherapy has been used in Czechoslovakia for more than one decade. It has been proved that this type of physical therapy is very efficient mainly in rheumatic diseases, in paediatrics (sinusitis, enuresis), and [...]

Beneficial effects of electromagnetic fields

Abstract Selective control of cell function by applying specifically configured, weak, time-varying magnetic fields has added a new, exciting dimension to biology and medicine. Field parameters for therapeutic, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMFs) were designed to [...]