Our Mission

To advance PEMF technology as a mainline, accepted, and understood modality utilized by professional human and animal practitioners in all areas of health, wellness and medicine.

  • Research – To conduct, support and further research and studies to elevate PEMF to become a recognized and mainstream modality.

  • Accepted Modality – Work with State and National Regulatory Boards to make PEMF an accepted modality.

  • Support – Support and help PEMF practitioners with actions involving current regulatory boards as we work to make PEMF an accepted modality.

  • Code of Ethics– Establish a unified and accepted code of ethics and guidelines for PEMF professionals.

  • Method– Establish a unified and accepted method of measurement of PEMF power and signal output.

  • Repository– Establish a current repository of PEMF applications, studies and accepted education guidelines for PEMF Professionals.

  • Conference– Coming soon

  • Newsletter– Monthly update on latest research

Our approach
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Recent Research

Exposure to a specific pulsed low-frequency magnetic field: a double-blind placebo-controlled study of effects on pain ratings in rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia patients

Specific pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) have been shown to induce analgesia (antinociception) in snails, rodents and healthy human volunteers.


“This idea of manipulating cellular activity with magnetically induced electrical currents is looking like one of the hottest new fields around.”


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These companies have partnered to bring you the absolute best in alternative health options. When used in conjunction with PEMF, clients may experience optimum results which could prove to be very complimentary to wellness goals.

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When is the Annual Conference?2019-04-19T07:45:49-04:00

Every year we’ll have an annual AOPP conference. This will include vendors, seminars, AOPP swag, and more! Stay tuned for more details.

How Often is the Newsletter Sent?2019-04-19T07:45:22-04:00

Stay up-to-date on the latest news in the PEMF industry with our newsletter. We will be sending this out on a monthly basis.

How Do I Claim my Map?2019-04-19T07:45:02-04:00

Fill out the Claim Your Location form here. An AOPP representative will be in touch in 3 days or less to get your account set up.

What is PEMF?2017-11-09T20:18:03-04:00

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields. These fields can be used to convert low energy cells into raw, pure energy. Each cell in the body is like a battery, which holds a charge. In order for one to maintain proper health and wellness, cells must do their jobs. Giving them a measurable electrical charge allows them to function optimally. PEMF promotes the body’s natural abilities to optimize and balance bodily functions –the definition of wellness.

When shouldn’t I use PEMF?2017-10-19T12:13:06-04:00

If you are pregnant or if you are actively undergoing chemotherapy, PEMF is not recommended. In all instances, consult a physician before starting PEMF treatments.

What can PEMF treat?2017-10-19T12:13:40-04:00

It’s important to note that PEMF does not treat any medical condition, disease or illness. PEMF simply oxygenates the blood and rejuvenates cells. Increased oxygen in the blood creates healthier cells and less inflammation which in turn reduces pain.

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