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Association of
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Professionals

Welcome to the AOPP: the only international, professional organization for PEMF practitioners.  
Our mission is to certify and educate users, protect PEMF practitioners from overreaching regulation, and help grow the industry by popularizing the use of PEMF devices.

If you are in the business of PEMF, you need to be a member of the AOPP.  

Why join the AOPP?

Find extensive research into everything you need to know regarding PEMF treatments, applications and research.  

The AOPP also aims to fund continued research as our membership grows.

The AOPP offers the only unbiased, non-branded PEMF education courses and certification. Because we do not sell or promote any individual brands, our education is focused entirely on the science behind PEMF – how and why it works, proven protocols, published research, case studies, and more.

Each certification course includes a basic introduction to anatomy and physiology, PEMF benefits and contraindications, as well as downloadable forms and useful tips.

Find all the information you need regarding PEMF state and national regulations and legislation.  We are adding international regulations to our website and monitoring efforts as well.

The AOPP is committed to protecting and advancing the safe and educated use of PEMF.

1. More than 850,000 members-only discounts to choose from

2. Discounts from all your favorite places, restaurants, retailers, and services where you live and work

3. The ability to use your members-only discounts as long and as often as you like 

4. Many discounts that are stackable with other brands, saving you even MORE money

5. Limited-time offers for popular brands during the summer travel, holiday, and back-to-school seasons

6. Average savings of 34% per transaction

Join other PEMF practitioners to learn more about their experiences, how to grow your own business, work together to establish event pricing guidelines and better organize as a professional group.  COnnecting with like-minded individuals can be a powerful tool in your own personal and business growth. The more we learn from one another, the more clients we can reach with PEMF.

Join the Professional Network

The Association of PEMF Professionals connects practitioners all over the world to ensure those interested in PEMF can access a professional nearby.

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