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The Certified Member level is for individual users and small business owners just getting started in PEMF practice.
This level includes two certifications, member directory listing, AOPP certified member seal to share on your social media and website, and the option for a custom AOPP website. This is a great first step to join a community of PEMF professionals that helps to expand your knowledge and your network.
  • Two PEMF certifications
  • Educational Video Series
  • Discounts on continuing education courses
  • Member Portal with additional videos, forms, and resources
  • Certified AOPP member seal
  • Member directory and verified map listings
  • Legislative support and regulatory monitoring
  • Discount for national conference
  • Custom website option (DBA)
  • Newsletter


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Why join the AOPP?

The AOPP is the only association for PEMF professionals to connect, get educated, and find help not only growing their business but supporting them as well. With international members in 15 countries, spanning 6 continents, we have created a community committed to advancing the safe and educated use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. Popularizing and developing this drug-free, non-invasive, holistic modality is always our priority.

Our goal is to also offer unbiased, research-based education, unite PEMF professionals all over the world to grow the profession and make PEMF a more commonly known, accessible modality. The AOPP is also committed to setting the highest standards for PEMF practitioners, manufacturers, and distributors so that consumers are protected.

Additionally, we are committed to protecting the use of PEMF therapy from further regulation initiated by state veterinary boards, state licensing boards, and international oversight organizations from member countries. The AOPP has been and will continue to be a voice for the PEMF community, educating and guiding compliance officials to better understand PEMF and its incredible potential. That being said, some regulation is necessary to ensure safe and ethical business practices are followed and the AOPP will lobby in support of such policies.

Join our community to continue your education, network with other professionals, help grow and stabilize the PEMF community.

Build Trust and Community

AOPP Professionals can display and use the AOPP logo for their marketing and branding needs letting their audiences know that they are a certified member. PEMF is a ground-breaking industry— build trust and credibility with your audience by joining AOPP today.

Go Professional

Help Customers find your business

Help potential customers find your business! AOPP members get exclusive map listing capabilities so users can find trusted practitioners and information about their practice. Stakeholder and Executive Members get priority listing!

Get on the Map

National Convention for Networking

Making a personal connection with your audience and those interested in PEMF technology and delivering next level wellness treatments is so important for PEMF businesses. Make sure you have a prime location at the AOPP Convention and meet your audience.

Boost Your Traffic

Welcome Aboard

Members get access to a Welcome Kit that includes all the necessary swag to makes sure your audience knows you’re a trusted member of AOPP. Build your PEMF credibility and brand by joining AOPP today.

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Personalized Assets

AOPP membership also offers benefits for personalized websites and YouTube videos. Having a strong, cohesive, and branded web experience is important for users searching for PEMF treatments. Make sure your business looks the part.

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