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AOPP is about bringing awareness and education to the PEMF community. We support and advocate for the use of PEMF modalities on humans and animals and are committed to legitimizing and uniting PEMF users and practitioners.

Who Can Join AOPP?

Anyone!  Whether you are an individual, business owner, holistic wellness employee, distributor or manufacturer, AOPP has something to offer everyone in the PEMF field.  We also are committed to advancing and sharing legitimate research and case studies as related to all pulsed electromagnetic field modalities.

Why Join AOPP?

  • Individuals (personal use)

  • Practitioners / Business Owners

  • Distributors / Manufacturers

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  • Data Driven

  • Results Orientated

  • Research Led 

If you have a study or professional research article that you would like to submit to be included in the AOPP repository, click here to contact us.


AOPP is a membership made up of professional and certified PEMF practitioners and providers. We offer four levels of membership to foster professional development, resources and events to grow and nurture your knowledge base in PEMF.  

  • Supporter

  • Professional

  • Stakeholder

  • Executive

One of the many benefits of joining AOPP is receiving an official badge of accreditation and custom social media links. This will proudly display your professional affiliation with AOPP and let everyone know that you’re among the best in the business.

  • Certification Courses

  • Continuing Education

  • Professional Development Opportunities

  • Annual Conference Invitation

  • Access to Case Studies

  • Stay Up-To-Date

  • Access to Marketing Materials

  • AOPP Swag Store

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • Machine Giveaways

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AOPP Education

The AOPP certification is designed to teach everything you need to know about PEMF without being brand or equipment specific.  We begin with the basic science behind pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and how it works, as well as safe practices and scope of use.  This certification is for those wishing to better understand PEMF and to earn a nationally recognized credential.

Our courses are designed and updated by leading industry professionals who provide unbiased, unbranded information and training to give an individual the knowledge to practice PEMF therapy for personal or professional use.

  • Certification Courses

  • Continuing Education

  • Professional Development Opportunities


  • Basic PEMF Certification Details

  • Course Format: Online; reading comprehension; audio/visual capabilities

  • Exam: 120 questions (multiple choice), 1 essay

  • Required score: 100% (unlimited attempts)

  • Estimated time to complete course:  20 hours

  • Estimated Exam time: 2 hours

PEMF Re-certification

  • Course Format: online, reading comprehension, audio/visual capabilities

  • Exam: 70 questions (multiple choice)

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Continuing Education

AOPP is committed to educating individuals and practitioners with the most up to date industry standards and research.  We offer specialized certification in the following areas:

  • Equine

  • Livestock

  • Small Animal / Pets

  • Human

Each of these certifications is designed to give you in depth knowledge on the topic and train you how to use PEMF equipment to best serve your client.

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Professional Development

Professional development opportunities are offered to all AOPP membership.  We cover topics such as:

  • Marketing Your PEMF Modality

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Tips For Breaking Into The Industry

  • How to Communicate the Value Of PEMF to Vets, Small Businesses, and Personal Users

  • Networking Opportunities: Annual Conference, Webinars, Q & A with Leading PEMF Experts

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AOPP Conference

Coming Soon!

We will host a conference for members and anyone interested in PEMF. PEMF machine manufacturers, as well as companies offering complementary products, will be in attendance. PEMF education will be a top priority. With speakers and classes already lined up, we can’t wait to share all the details with you. Members will get first access to booth space, tickets, and event details.

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“This idea of manipulating cellular activity with magnetically induced electrical currents is looking like on of the hottest new fields around.”



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