PEMF Regulatory Updates & Advocacy

As PEMF professionals, it is our obligation to know and abide by all safety measures and precautions.
We must always follow local and state laws, and we encourage the active participation of our members in their local legislative bodies, particularly when it comes to PEMF therapy. By participating in the formation of policy and abiding by the laws and best practices set forth, we can help educate others and help to further the use of PEMF therapy for humans and animals in need.

The AOPP Legislative Mission

The Legislative arm of the AOPP aims to protect and expand the safe, ethical, and educated use of PEMF therapy. The AOPP legislative committee monitors proposed and passed regulations that may impact PEMF practitioners, distributors, and/or manufacturers. We announce updates, and draft letters of opinion along with appropriate contact info for decision-makers to organize members and unify our voices. The regulatory efforts we get involved with will remain issues on our agenda until a conclusion is reached. In addition to drafting responses and calls to action, the AOPP will also reach out to leaders requesting meetings to further discuss the uses and mechanics of PEMF.

United States

Human Devices
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Massage therapy boards
Chiropractic boards

Veterinary Devices
State Veterinary boards
– Horse racing commissions/ race track rules commissions
– Thoroughbred societies, like (National Thoroughbred Racing Association)
– Performance Equine Show rules
– Equine bodywork laws
– Livestock Exhibition show rules
– Livestock Care Standards
U.S. State Departments of Agriculture

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