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Although pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has been around for decades, there has yet to be any serious regulation of its use. As PEMF therapy increases in popularity, so do the regulatory efforts to ensure its safety and efficacy. Contrary to popular opinion, all regulation is not necessarily bad for business. 

Some regulations may help increase the credibility of our beloved modality and can therefore increase its consumer value. If manufacturers, distributors, and practitioners are developing, distributing, and practicing ethically they incur no additional costs for business operations to become compliant. Under fair and impartial regulations, only those who have questionable policies in place will be required to make changes. Likewise, the financial requirements of some new regulations ensure that PEMF companies and practitioners are viable enough to withstand consumer requests and complaints in a fair and legal manner.

As PEMF professionals, it is our obligation and duty to abide by all known safety measures and precautions. Professionals must always abide by their local and state laws, and we encourage the participation of our members in their local legislative bodies, particularly when it comes to PEMF therapy. 

By participating in the formation of policy and abiding by the laws and best practices set forth, we increase the credibility and professionalism of our membership and help to further the use of PEMF therapy for humans and animals in need. Here is a list of regulatory boards, commissions, and disciplines the AOPP monitors to ensure our members stay up to date!

–  Veterinary boards

–  Massage therapy boards

Chiropractic boards

– Horse racing commissions/ race track rules commissions

– Thoroughbred societies, for example the National Thoroughbred Racing Association

– Performance Horse Show rules 

– Horse bodywork laws

– Competitive Livestock show rules

– Livestock Care Standards

U.S. State Departments of Agriculture

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Health Canada

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