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AOPP PEMF Education vs. Others

March 2021

AOPP Education vs. other training

The Association of PEMF Professionals is proud to offer the General PEMF Certificate course for those practicing PEMF or just interested in learning more about the modality.  Our course is science-based, backed by research, un-branded, and unbiased.  The information you receive serves as a foundation to understanding a variety of PEMF treatment protocols and uses.

Some other certifications may be specific to the machine or the manufacturer. AOPP aims to educate on a much broader basis.  Our educational products offer something for a curious individual or a growing entrepreneur.

AOPP is proud to be the leading international association and source of education for PEMF professionals and we look forward to the growth and success of the industry in the near and distant futures!



  1. International membership and recognition.
  2. Science and research-based – not machine-based.
  3. We do not sell ANY PEMF equipment, attachments, or accessories – our goal is to educate, advocate, and unite.
  4. In-depth course content for certifications. Video series offer groups of videos, clustered by relevant content, and designed to encourage critical thinking and a deeper understanding of PEMF from multiple perspectives.
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