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2021: AOPP’s Year in Review

Before we ring in the new year, we’re taking note of some of our greatest accomplishments over the last year and celebrating the growth of our organization!  Take a look at what we’ve added and updated in regard to membership, education, and accreditation:


  • Grew certified customer and AOPP membership from roughly 70 customers to over 400 PEMF users and professionals.
  • Created Member Directory, searchable by member level and certification status.
  • Completed website overhaul and re-design.
  • Launched custom websites for members (Digital Business Asset).
  • Lobbied several states and other regulatory agencies to protect the interest of our members and help educate those agencies regarding PEMF therapy.
  • Volunteered our PEMF therapy services to the US veterans’ program: XC GI Foundation.


  • Developed FAQ video series for PEMF beginners.
  • Updated General PEMF Certification.
  • Created 3 new PEMF certification options: human, large animal, and small animal.
  • Implemented re-certification process for general certification.
  • Started the blog to discuss a variety of topics concerning PEMF practitioners and users.
  • Added newly published research and ongoing clinical trials to our research page.
  • Developed a regulatory board to monitor and update users about PEMF regulations.


  • Made commitment to developing an accredited credential through the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).
  • Attended the Institute for Credentialing Excellence annual conference to network with credentialing experts and continue learning the NCCA accreditation process.
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