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Effect of pulsed electromagnetic field on nonspecific low back pain patients: a randomized controlled trial

Abstract Background: Further research on pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) effects on the different conditions of low back pain was warranted due to lack of studies in this area. Objectives: To investigate the effects of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy with 50Hz frequency, with low intensity of 20Gauss compared to conventional non-invasive treatment modalities in patients with chronic non-specific

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Electromagnetic transduction therapy and shockwave therapy in 86 patients with rotator cuff tendinopathy: A prospective randomized controlled trial

ABSTRACT Rotator cuff (RC) tendinopathy is the most common cause of shoulder pain. The effectiveness of electromagnetic transduction therapy (EMTT), a high energetic pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in this field has not been tested yet in combination with extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT). A total of 86 patients with RC tendinopathy were randomized to undergo

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Effect of transcranial pulsed electromagnetic fields (T-PEMF) on functional rate of force development and movement speed in persons with Parkinson’s disease: A randomized clinical trial

Abstract Background: Parkinson’s disease is caused by dopaminergic neurodegeneration resulting in motor impairments as slow movement speed and impaired balance and coordination. Pulsed electromagnetic fields are suggested to have neuroprotective effects, and could alleviate symptoms. Objective: To study 1) effects of 8-week daily transcranial pulsed electromagnetic field treatment on the functional rate of force development and movement

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The effect of 8 weeks of treatment with transcranial pulsed electromagnetic fields on hand tremor and inter-hand coherence in persons with Parkinson’s disease

Abstract Background: Parkinson’s disease (PD) tremor comprises asymmetric rest and postural tremor with unilateral onset. Tremor intensity can be amplified by stress and reduced by attention, and the medical treatment is complex. Mirror movements and unintentional synchronization of bimanual movements, possibly caused by insufficient inhibition of inter-hemispheric crosstalk, have been reported in PD, indicating a lag

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Lack of analgesic effects of transcranial pulsed electromagnetic field stimulation in neuropathic pain patients: A randomized double-blind crossover trial

Abstract Background: Neuromodulation is nowadays investigated as a promising method for pain relief. Research indicates that a single 30-minute stimulation with transcranial pulsed electromagnetic fields (tPEMF) can induce analgesic effects. However, it is unknown whether tPEMF can induce analgesia in neuropathic pain patients. Objective: To evaluate the effect of tPEMF on spontaneous pain and heat pain in

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Effect of pulsed electromagnetic field on mandibular fracture healing: A randomized control trial, (RCT)

Abstract Introduction: Currently, the pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) method is utilized for the treatment of nonunion long bone fractures. Considering the established effect of the PEMF on the acceleration of the bone healing process, we conducted this study to evaluate the effect of PEMF on the healing process in mandibular bone fractures. Material and methods: This research

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