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Efficiency of pulsed electromagnetic fields on pain, disability, anxiety, depression, and quality of life in patients with cervical disc herniation: a randomized controlled study

Abstract Background/aim In this study, it was aimed to investigate the effects of pulsed electromagnetic field(PEMF) therapy on pain, disability, psychological state, and quality of life in cervical disc herniation. Materials and methods Patients were randomly divided into two groups, including Group 1, which received a therapy consisting of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), hot pack

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The impact of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy on blood pressure and circulating nitric oxide levels: a double blind, randomized study in subjects with metabolic syndrome

Abstract Purpose: Regulation of blood pressure (BP) is important in reducing the risk for cardiovascular disease. There is growing interest in non-pharmacological methods to treat BP including a novel approach using pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF). PEMF therapy has been proposed to impact physiological function at the cellular and tissue level and one possible mechanism is

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Transcranial low‐frequency pulsating electromagnetic fields (T‐PEMF) as post‐concussion syndrome treatment

Abstract Background Treatment options for the subgroup of people who develop long‐lasting symptoms following mild traumatic brain injury are limited. Transcranial pulsating low‐frequency electromagnetic stimulation (T‐PEMF) in other patient groups has shown promising results in several studies with proposed neuroprotective and anti‐inflammatory effects. Objective The present pilot study was conducted to access feasibility and tolerability

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PEMF Career Pathways and Opportunities

March 2021 As the popularity of PEMF continues to grow, so do the opportunities to incorporate the new modality in current businesses and to create new business opportunities.  Because the science behind PEMF suggests cell regeneration and reduced inflammation, it can oftentimes be used as a complementary modality in assisting with a variety of ailments. 

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AOPP PEMF Education vs. Others

March 2021 AOPP Education vs. other training The Association of PEMF Professionals is proud to offer the General PEMF Certificate course for those practicing PEMF or just interested in learning more about the modality.  Our course is science-based, backed by research, un-branded, and unbiased.  The information you receive serves as a foundation to understanding a

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What is PEMF?

February 2021 My Introduction to Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy In late 2020, I accepted the VP of operations position with the Association of PEMF Professionals.  In an effort to better understand the company and its mission, I conducted my own research regarding PEMF.  Like most people, my first inclination was to google: “What is PEMF?”,

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