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Marketing Your Professional Certification

Marketing Your Certification

We often hear from our certificants that they choose to become certified for reasons of personal satisfaction, not for the marketing value. “People don’t recognize certifications,” is a common refrain.

This, however, won’t be the case if you educate them.

To reap the full marketing benefits of your certification, be sure to inform prospects, referral sources, and the general public about its importance in an unregulated industry. Your certification provides independent validation of your professional knowledge and skills—why not make sure people understand this?

Making the most of your certification

Craft brief, impactful language for use on all your marketing materials.

Write up and practice easy-to-remember talking points for use whenever you talk to referral sources or potential clients.

Where to talk about the importance of certification:

  • On your website (home, bio, services)
  • Printed marketing materials like brochures and flyers
  • Print or e-newsletters
  • In conversation with prospective clients
  • In conversation with potential referral sources (vets, breeders, humane society staff, etc.)

Content source: https://www.ccpdt.org/certification/marketing-your-certification/

Your certification through the Association of PEMF Professionals underscores your commitment to education and adherence to compliance standards.  Several manufacturers or even major distributors may offer their own training and certifying courses.  The AOPP aims to create educational content that helps spread the science and research based information available related to pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.  While we respect and encourage the machine and device specific training, the AOPP also recognizes the need for a more foundational and unbiased understanding of PEMF, how it works, and what to expect.   The AOPP does not promote any brand or device type.  Our belief is that the educated and safe use of the PEMF modality will positively impact all of its users and our goal is to promote that safe and educated use.

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