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PEMF Career Pathways and Opportunities

March 2021

As the popularity of PEMF continues to grow, so do the opportunities to incorporate the new modality in current businesses and to create new business opportunities.  Because the science behind PEMF suggests cell regeneration and reduced inflammation, it can oftentimes be used as a complementary modality in assisting with a variety of ailments.  Chiropractors and occupational therapists are just two common professions that have already added PEMF sessions to their offerings.

In addition to being added to more popular career pathways like chiropractors and occupational or physical therapies, PEMF can also be a viable business for budding entrepreneurs.  Most commonly, PEMF has been used to aid equine owners in keeping their horses healthy and happy.  Entrepreneurs who are also animal lovers may find a livelihood in providing PEMF in their local areas.  As the results of PEMF have circulated throughout the equine industry, it has most recently become popular among livestock caregivers.

Veterinarians may use PEMF or refer their patients to a PEMF provider for a variety of reasons.  As the modality enters the mainstream, more veterinarians may incorporate the modality into their regular practice.  Treating inflammation or helping oxygenate the blood flow can help those who may not even fully recognize their illness or weakness.

Because PEMF can aid in anti-inflammation at the cellular level, it can also be used for athletic recovery.  Many professional athletic organizations have purchased a variety of PEMF devices and machines to incorporate into their wellness routines for recovery and performance.

The properties of PEMF have also shown benefits in assisting the treatment of depression.  An FDA-approved version of PEMF known as TMS, or transcranial magnetic stimulation.  TMS uses the principles of PEMF to positively manipulate brain nerve cells in order to reduce the effects of depression.  A number of medical and holistic professionals who see patients suffering from depression may benefit from adding PEMF to their services.  In essence, PEMF is for anyone wishing to help another live their healthiest, happiest life.

Career pathways that may include PEMF:

  • Veterinarian
  • Occupational therapist
  • Physical therapist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Massage therapist
  • Veterinary technician
  • Athletic trainers




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