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Where to find a PEMF practitioner and what to ask before a session

Where to find a practitioner and what to ask before you choose

You can use the AOPP verified map listing to find a practitioner in your area or you can simply google “pemf practitioner near me/or your zip code, and you will see several options appear. It is important to understand a few factors while researching a provider.  We’ve listed here a few questions you may want to ask and what types of answers you should be receiving.

Questions to ask a PEMF professional
1. Are you certified and trained? How?

a. Because a variety of professions use PEMF along with their practice, you will find a variety of education levels among PEMF practitioners. You should specifically check to make sure your practitioner has been trained and educated on PEMF through a national organization such as the AOPP, or their machine manufacturer training. Ideally, they have completed both certifications. You should also check to make sure those certifications are up to date.

b. If they do not hold any certifications, you should inquire as to how they have educated themselves about this modality. Training for each device should be available from the device manufacturer. You should ask if and when they completed that. The manufacturers often train practitioners about their devices and how to use individual attachments.

2. How much experience do you have addressing my indication with PEMF? What are your expectations for any “results”?

a. PEMF research has been conducted for decades. However, commercially available machines for individual customers have only increased in popularity over the last decade or so. Like any modality, some practitioners are newer to the PEMF world and others have been a part of the decades-long research, study and practice of PEMF and hence have more wisdom to share. More experience also means they are more likely to accurately define the expectations for your session.

b. Also, you want to be aware if the practitioner you are using is also a distributor of the manufacturer. They may have financial benefits for selling you on a particular device or type.

3. Do you use high-powered, low-powered, or both types of PEMF?  What results can I expect after one session?

a. In theory, high-powered PEMF practitioners charge more per session, but you may need less of them. Some indications have shown improvement with low-intensity machines used more frequently. So, low-powered machine practitioners may suggest multiple sessions.

b. And lastly, there are a variety of holistic practitioners that use both types of devices so you may use both types of machines over several sessions as well. This variety of protocols is what makes it so important for you to understand the research that exists and set your expectations accordingly as well.

4. What are the contraindications for using your device? Does your device have safety testing?

a. The market is exploding with PEMF devices, of all types and sizes. Every one of them should have some level of safety testing. You need to make sure the device has been safety tested and that your practitioner is knowledgeable about the testing.

b. Every device also has contraindications, or reasons that you should not use that PEMF device. Be sure to ask what those are specifically. Practitioners should be sharing this information with you readily and will likely go over these contraindications and have you sign a waiver before a session.


We hope this helps you with your search!  You can always reach out to the AOPP with any specific questions and we are happy to help: [email protected]

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