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Effects of pulsed extremely-low-frequency magnetic fields on skin wounds in the rat


Rats with skin-wounds surgically created on their backs were exposed immediately after surgery and every 12 h thereafter to pulsed, extremely-low-frequency magnetic fields. The shape of the pulse was a positive triangle (50 Hz, 8 mT peak). The rate of healing of skin wounds was evaluated macroscopically and by light and electron microscopy at 6, 12, 21, and 42 days after the operation. A significant increase in the rate of wound contraction was found in rats treated with magnetic fields. Forty-two days after surgery all treated animals show fully closed wounds, while control rats at the same time intervals still lacked a final 6% of the wound surface to be covered. Treated rats showed earlier cellular organization, collagen formation and maturation, and a very early appearance of newly formed vascular network.
Bioelectromagnetics 1988;9(1):53-62
Ottani V, De Pasquale V, Govoni P, Franchi M, Zaniol P, Ruggeri A.
Istituto di Anatomia Umana Normale, Bologna, Italy.

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