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PEMF therapy for horses

Sentient Light founder Larry Langdon shares an article specifically discussing how PEMF therapy has been shown to help horses and other animals.  Additionally, he shares a brief history, popular uses, and benefits, and more.

An excerpt:

A brief history of PEMF

Although PEMF has been used therapeutically for over a century, there was very little scientific evidence of its benefits until more recently. Over the past decade, scientific research has accelerated and, as a result, the use of PEMF devices has become more popular.

Earlier PEMF devices used radio-frequency electromagnetic waves to deliver heat deep into the tissues, and produced little to no heat. Later, non-thermal devices were introduced, which were supposed to help in wound healing and pain management. In the late 1970s, the implanted electrodes were replaced with non-invasive inductive antennas. These devices could successfully treat delayed and non-union fractures in dogs and humans. In the early 1980s, low-powered PEMF devices called bone growth stimulators (BGS) became U.S. FDA approved for human use. Later in the 1990s, PEMF devices were developed for treating soft tissue instead of bone.

Fast forward to the 2000s – a scientist developed a PEMF device called “targeted PEMF” which could successfully reduce inflammation. Hence, it became an FDA approved therapy for treating edema (swelling) and postoperative pain.

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