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EHF-Therapy for Hemophylic Arthropathy and Hemarthroses of the Knee Joint

In this study, hemophiliacs suffering from joint hemorrhage received millimeter wave (MW) therapy at biologically active points beginning on the first day of hospital release. Adults were treated with an “Electronica-KVCh” device (61 GHz, 5 mW maximum power) and children were treated with a “Porog” device, which generates low-intensity wide-band MMW noise. Exposures in both groups lasted for 20-25 minutes per day and were extended over a period of 10 days. Results indicated the treatment to be more effective than conventional therapy with respect to alleviation of pain, need for medication, and other parameters.

V.V. Aleschenko & I.O. Pisanko, “EHF-Therapy for Hemophylic Arthropathy and Hemarthroses of the Knee Joint,”Millimeter Waves in Medicine and Biology. Digest of Papers of the 10th Russian Symposium with International Participation, April 24-26, Moscow, Russia, 1995, p. 61-63.

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