In this study, hemophiliacs suffering from joint hemorrhage received millimeter wave (MW) therapy at biologically active points beginning on the first day of hospital release. Adults were treated with an “Electronica-KVCh” device (61 GHz, 5 mW maximum power) and children were treated with a “Porog” device, which generates low-intensity wide-band MMW noise. Exposures in both groups lasted for 20-25 minutes per day and were extended over a period of 10 days. Results indicated the treatment to be more effective than conventional therapy with respect to alleviation of pain, need for medication, and other parameters.

V.V. Aleschenko & I.O. Pisanko, “EHF-Therapy for Hemophylic Arthropathy and Hemarthroses of the Knee Joint,”Millimeter Waves in Medicine and Biology. Digest of Papers of the 10th Russian Symposium with International Participation, April 24-26, Moscow, Russia, 1995, p. 61-63.