This study examined the effects of extremely high frequency electromagnetic radiation (EHF EMR) in 93 patients suffering ischemic heart disease. EHF treatment consisted of 10 to 15 exposures of the lower end of the sternum from a ‘Yav’-1-7,1 device. Treatment was performed five times weekly for a total of 30 minutes per day, with drug therapy being maintained during this period. Positive results tended to occur after 5 to 6 treatment sessions, with a good or satisfactory response being reported in 82 of 93 patients, and lasting as long as 11 months after hospital release.

I.E. Ganelina, et al., “Electromagnetic Radiation of Extremely High Frequencies in Complex Therapy for Severe Stenocardia,” Millimetrovie Volni v Biologii I Meditcine, (4), 1994, . 17-21.