In this study, microwave resonance therapy (MRT) was administered to 2642 patients suffering from duodenal ulcers and to 78 with gastric ulcers. Treatment involved the use of a G4-142 device (53.6-78.3 GHz, less than 2 mW/cm2 incident power) as well as Electronika-KVCh and Porog-1 devices. Patients received 6-12 daily exposures of between 20 and 25 minutes. Results showed a
total ulcer cicatrization in 80 percent of patients, and arrested pain syndrome in almost 100 percent.

V.A. Kutzenok, Microwave Resonance Therapy of Stomach and Duodenal ulcers, Fundamental and Applied Aspects of the Use of Millimeter Electromagnetic Radiation in Medicine. Abstracts of the 1st All-Union Symposium with International Participation, May 10-13, 1989, Kiev, Ukraine, p. 192-193.