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The biological effects of magnetic stimulation in epileptic patients



The magnetoencephalogram (MEG) is the magnetic activity emitted by the brain, which can be measured using a superconductive quantum interference device (SQUID). This is a totally non-invasive method for localizing functional healthy, epileptic and other CNS brain disorders.


Using the MEG brain activity recorded from epileptic patients we were able to obtain a mapping technique characterized by the ISO-spectral amplitude of scalp distribution of the MEG Fourier power spectrum. In addition, by utilizing the above recorded MEG activity we energize an electronic device, which emits back to the abnormal brain points of the epileptic patients magnetic fields with proper frequencies and intensities.


Using this method we present here in more detail three randomly selected epileptic patients in which application of external magnetic fields of low intensities and frequencies produced a substantial attenuation of their abnormal brain activity. Furthermore, we present a statistical analysis of 50 randomly selected epileptic patients who underwent magnetic stimulation for the treatment of their seizures and we found that the anticonvulsant response to magnetic stimulation was statistically significant (chi 2 = 6.55, df = 1, p < 0.02).


Our findings indicate that the use of low external magnetic fields produce substantial attenuation in seizure activity in epileptic patients and therefore it may open new ways in the future for management of epileptic activity.

Panminerva Med 1999 Sep;41(3):207-15
Anninos PA, Tsagas N, Jacobson JI, Kotini A.
Department of Medicine, Demokrition University of Thrace, Alexandroupolis, Greece.

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