This controlled study examined the effects of constant elastic electromagnetic fields (40 mT) in patients suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis. Therapy consisted of 30-45 minute daily application of either a single magnet or a pair of magnets placed on the chest at an area high in skin temperature over a 1-3 month period. When coupled with conventional treatments, one third of patients receiving the constant electromagnetic fields experienced healing of tubercular cavities. contrast, only one fifth of patients receiving conventional treatment alone experienced such effects. One month into combination treatment, there was no evidence of mycobacterium tuberculosis in the sputum in half the patients relative to only one third of controls.

A.S. Solov’ena, Use of Constant Magnetic Field for Increasing the Effectiveness of Chemotherapy in Patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Probl Tuberk, 8, 1987, p. 53-56.