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Use of Traditional and Non-traditional Methods in the Treatment of Headache

This article examined the effects of millimeter wave therapy in the treatment of 107 patients suffering from headaches of varying causes. Treatment consisted of the Nao-Hu, Bai-Huei, and Hua-Chai acupuncture points being exposed to 5.6- and 4.9-mm wavelengths via the use of “Yav’-1-5.6” or “Electronka-KVCh” devices, respectively. Exposure lasted up to 60 minutes per day over a course of 10 days. All patients experienced positive results following 3-5 exposures. After one year, 48 percent of patients remained free of headaches, with a significant decrease in another 41 percent.

B.M. Popov & T.A. Al’shanskaya, “Use of Traditional and Non-traditional Methods
in the Treatment of Headache,” Millimeter Waves in Medicine and Biology. Digest
of Papers of the 11th Russian Symposium with International Participation,
April 21-24, 1997, Zvenigorod, Moscow Region, Russia, p. 68-71.

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