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Lack of analgesic effects of transcranial pulsed electromagnetic field stimulation in neuropathic pain patients: A randomized double-blind crossover trial

Abstract Background: Neuromodulation is nowadays investigated as a promising method for pain relief. Research indicates that a single 30-minute stimulation with transcranial pulsed electromagnetic fields (tPEMF)…

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Transcranial low‐frequency pulsating electromagnetic fields (T‐PEMF) as post‐concussion syndrome treatment

Abstract Background Treatment options for the subgroup of people who develop long‐lasting symptoms following mild traumatic brain injury are limited. Transcranial pulsating low‐frequency electromagnetic stimulation…

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Transcranial magnetic stimulation for depression and other psychiatric disorders

Abstract INTRODUCTION: Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) has been proposed as a possible alternative to electroconvulsive therapy for the treatment of selected patients with depression,…

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