Tag: Tumors

Influence of 1 and 25 Hz, 1.5 mT magnetic fields on antitumor drug potency in a human adenocarcinoma cell line

Abstract The resistance of tumor cells to antineoplastic agents is a major obstacle during cancer chemotherapy. Many authors have observed that some exposure protocols to…

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Use of artificial magnetic field for rehabilitation of children with malignant tumors [Russina]

Abstract Local complications of standard intravenous injections for chemotherapy and due to error of administration were compared in 400 patients (200 of them children) and…

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Effects of 100 mT time varying magnetic fields on the growth of tumors in mice

Abstract The effects of 100-mT, 0.8-Hz square-wave magnetic fields on the growth of chemically induced tumors in mice were investigated. Tumors were initiated using one…

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