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The effect of a pulsed electromagnetic field on ocular hydrodynamics in open-angle glaucoma

Comparative Study


The influence of pulse electromagnetic field on the hydrodynamics of the eye in open-angle glaucoma has been studied using the method and the device suggested at the Filatov Institute. The characteristics of the action were: impulse frequency–50 Hz, duration–0.02 sec., pulse form–rectangular, rate of pulse rise–4/10(-4) sec., rate of magnetic induction rise–2/10(-4) mT/sec., amplitude value of magnetic induction at the pulse level–8.0-8.5 mT, duration of the procedure–7 min. Ten session in a total. Observations over 150 patients (283 eyes) with latent, initial and advanced glaucoma have shown that the usage of pulse electromagnetic field exerts influence on the hydrodynamics of the eye in open-angle glaucoma; stimulates the rise of aqueous outflow and production, the reduction of the Becker’s coefficient. At the latent stage of the disease, normalization of outflow was recorded in 25% of cases, at the initial and advanced stages–in 17.8% and 16.0% of cases, respectively. The investigations carried out allow to recommend the mentioned method for a complex treatment of open-angle glaucoma.


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