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Where to find a PEMF practitioner and what to ask before a session

Where to find a practitioner and what to ask before you choose You can use the AOPP verified map listing to find a practitioner in your area or you can simply google “pemf practitioner near me/or your zip code, and you will see several options appear. It is important to understand a few factors while

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Marketing Your Professional Certification

Marketing Your Certification We often hear from our certificants that they choose to become certified for reasons of personal satisfaction, not for the marketing value. “People don’t recognize [our] certifications,” is a common refrain. This, however, won’t be the case if you educate them. To reap the full marketing benefits of your certification, be sure

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PEMF Career Pathways and Opportunities

March 2021 As the popularity of PEMF continues to grow, so do the opportunities to incorporate the new modality in current businesses and to create new business opportunities.  Because the science behind PEMF suggests cell regeneration and reduced inflammation, it can oftentimes be used as a complementary modality in assisting with a variety of ailments. 

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AOPP PEMF Education vs. Others

March 2021 AOPP Education vs. other training The Association of PEMF Professionals is proud to offer the General PEMF Certificate course for those practicing PEMF or just interested in learning more about the modality.  Our course is science-based, backed by research, un-branded, and unbiased.  The information you receive serves as a foundation to understanding a

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What is PEMF?

February 2021 My Introduction to Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy In late 2020, I accepted the VP of operations position with the Association of PEMF Professionals.  In an effort to better understand the company and its mission, I conducted my own research regarding PEMF.  Like most people, my first inclination was to google: “What is PEMF?”,

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