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Buying a Used PEMF Machine

Recently, Dr. Dreessen discussed some of the key things to look for or inquire about prior to purchasing a used PEMF device or machine.  Here, we share those helpful tips in hopes of educating and protecting consumers.

Before you buy a used machine, make sure you do the following:

  1. contact the original manufacturer with the machine serial number.  This is critical to ensuring you are making a legal purchase and that the machine has been paid for in full, and not stolen.
  2.  Inquire about the warranty and make sure the device has been paid for in full.  Lots of companies offer long-term warranties on their machines and equipment and oftentimes these warranties can be transferred from one owner to the next.  Make sure you ask the seller and the original manufacturer about the warranty left on your machine.  Also, it is important to understand the service that comes with your machine.  For example, if an attachment stops working, or the pulsing is inconsistent on the same setting, what is your recourse to fix your device?
  3.  Inquire about the number of hours on the machine and any recalibration that has been previously completed.  Also, ask how frequently recalibration is needed and if there are any costs associated with that process.
  4.  Request receipts and document all communication with the seller.  It is best to never share credit card information or to wire money.  Use a trusted source like PayPal so that if there is something fraudulent happening, you have the means to dispute the transaction and get your money back.

We hope this advice helps consumers purchase the best PEMF device for themselves and protect them in their shopping journey.  If you have specific questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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