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PEMF: How to use and where to begin

What is PEMF? You’ve probably heard of the benefits of PEMFs, and you’re wondering what exactly this therapy involves. PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic fields,…

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The Importance of Unification for the PEMF Industry

As the AOPP continues to grow, we are proud to unite users and practitioners of varying types of PEMF devices across several different brands.  Our…

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PEMF Practitioners: Handling Competition

Handling Competition with other PEMF Practitioners in Your Area While the PEMF industry continues to thrive, some regions see more competition than others. This can…

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WHAT IS PEMF Therapy? (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field)- Part 1

“9/25/2021:  An exploratory review* of the PEMF science is under discussion between Dr. Robert Bard and THE AOPP FOUNDATION (Association of PEMF Professionals) which aims…

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Buying a Used PEMF Machine

Recently, Dr. Dreessen discussed some of the key things to look for or inquire about prior to purchasing a used PEMF device or machine.  Here,…

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