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PEMF Practitioners: Handling Competition

Handling Competition with other PEMF Practitioners in Your Area

While the PEMF industry continues to thrive, some regions see more competition than others. This can create a hostile environment for practitioners and customers, from which neither benefits.  By working and growing together as PEMF practitioners, we can reach more consumers and help more people and animals.  While research continues being conducted, there are several studies that show the efficacies of both low and high-powered PEMF devices.  Those differences are not the only ones that create competition.  As more companies manufacture their own PEMF machines and equipment, it’s more important than ever that practitioners and users understand how PEMF works and what has been scientifically proven effective.  Below are some tips to help guide you in handling competition in your business:


  1. Always keeps things positive
  2. Highlight your experience and what is special about you and what you offer
  3. Don’t price war or try to undercut someone’s pricing – establish pricing that makes sound business sense
  4. Connect with practitioners, meet them personally and establish a professional relationship that might be mutually beneficial
  5. Understand your best customer and determine where best to focus your energy
  6. Use social media to spread positive outcomes, pictures, and reviews
  7. Don’t engage in social media arguments or debates, it turns off customers and makes potential partners leery


Everyone is not your customer.  Try to remember that your expertise is what is most valuable and that your experience is not going to meet everyone’s needs.  To get more experience, work with other practitioners to see how they do things and when they may be unavailable, you may be able to help your customers.  It may be important to work together for all consumers to be satisfied.  At the end of the day, the most important thing is to expose more people to the industry, the technology, and the positive impact it can have on overall health and wellness.


In some cases, the competition in your area may not be interested in collaborating or referring your business where they cannot meet certain needs.  In those instances, it’s best to not engage in negative rhetoric or argue opinions or even differences of research.  As the saying goes, agree to disagree, and then move on.  In extreme circumstances, you can contact the corporate distributor or manufacturer, to ask about how to deal with their aggressive or negative representatives.  The AOPP has also been used as an ally to help mediate certain disagreements between members or “rivals”.


The primary goal of the AOPP and hopefully, all our members, is to share our life-changing modality with as many people and animals as possible.  We should all do our best to seek out ways in which we can collaborate to grow our industry and expand the results of health and wellness for all.


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