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WHAT IS PEMF Therapy? (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field)- Part 1

“9/25/2021:  An exploratory review* of the PEMF science is under discussion between Dr. Robert Bard and THE AOPP FOUNDATION (Association of PEMF Professionals) which aims to provide clarity on the science behind its ‘invisible healing’ concept.  AOPP aligned with the Integrative Pain Healers Alliance (Dr. Bard’s wellness network) and saw the need for public clarity in how PEMF works, what actual uses they are cleared for as well as the importance of public guidance on the market.
Dr. Jerry Dreesen, President of the AOPP and certified chiropractor by trade is an avid user of this therapeutic technology for his patients on a variety of disorders.  “So PEMF did start out on the animal side… it was originally used for seed germination -and moved over to the animal side.  When they eventually started working with humans, evidence of creating better blood flow as part of the body’s detoxification. We’re also finding that with PEMF is that the body is utilizing medication even better –  so it’s absorbing it and using it more versus some people can be getting a reaction to better absorption of their medications.”
Dr. Dreesen further explains the physiological and biological reactions to electromagnetic science and its research – going as far back as the Krebs cycle (otherwise known as The citric acid cycle (CAC) – or  the TCA cycle (tricarboxylic acid cycle)- which we all had to learn. During that process. one of the by products is nitric oxide and then the other one is of course, taking ADP and attaching the phosphate to it and making ATP– creating the “fuel” for the body.  PEMF sparking this process is great especially for sports where it induces renewed energy to fatigued muscles. For the same reasons why it works really well on animals, the same goes for humans after a workout as it quickly revitalizes the target area by increasing absorption of oxygen and energy levels.”


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