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The Importance of Unification for the PEMF Industry

As the AOPP continues to grow, we are proud to unite users and practitioners of varying types of PEMF devices across several different brands.  Our hope is to further unite PEMF brands so that we may partner for the greater good of the growing the PEMF industry, bringing much-needed relief to many.

Specifically, the AOPP aims to:

  • Ensure safe and educated use of PEMF therapy.
  • Advocate for fair and appropriate regulation of PEMF in all disciplines.
  • Further validate the usefulness and effectiveness of PEMF by continued research and clinical trials.

If we as a community can come together, we can do so much good, so much faster, for many more people and animals.  Unification can be incredibly beneficial and monetarily advantageous for all members, from individual users to major brands.  The reality however is that the industry has become very competitive, often in a negative, counterproductive way. Questioning and trying to invalidate other companies’ claims are one of the most frequent issues within the industry.  It is equally important to make sure that PEMF companies are responsible with the information that they provide and are held accountable when making inaccurate or misleading claims.

Our membership of over 400 individuals and businesses now represents the usage of all major brands and a variety of newer, small manufacturers that are showing promising results!  Several members are also involved in ongoing clinical studies and research, which we could help expand through further unification of our members.  Exploring research and having open conversations about how the science compares is the most professional way in which to handle questions of efficacy and come to an understanding together, about the benefits of each device and related attachments.

The AOPP remains committed to advancing PEMF research, holding current businesses accountable for their claims of efficacy, and unifying PEMF users from all disciplines.  Together, we can do so much more!  Lastly, our unification as an industry will prove to be imperative when facing upcoming and ongoing regulatory and legislative attempts to limit or prohibit the use of PEMF across all disciplines.  Additionally, we need to support any policy that seeks to ensure the safe and educated use of our beloved modality.  Being involved as a unified front could make or break the future of the PEMF industry.


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