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Effects of 100 mT time varying magnetic fields on the growth of tumors in mice


The effects of 100-mT, 0.8-Hz square-wave magnetic fields on the growth of chemically induced tumors in mice were investigated. Tumors were initiated using one injection of benzo(a)pyrene (either 0.2 mg or 2.0 mg/animal). Male and female mice (Balb/c, C3H and C57/bl/6 strains) were exposed for 8 h/day from the onset of tumor until death or until the tumor volume reached a predetermined volume. Statistically significant decrease in the rate of tumor growth and increase in survival were observed in all cases. Results are discussed in terms of previous published work and of possible mechanisms.
Bioelectromagnetics 2000 Feb;21(2):107-11
de Seze R, Tuffet S, Moreau JM, Veyret B.
Laboratoire de Physique des Interactions Ondes-Matiere (PIOM), ENSCPB, Universite Bordeaux I, Talence, France.

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