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Nevada State Bill 336 (SB336) 2021

Link: https://www.leg.state.nv.us/App/NELIS/REL/81st2021/Meeting/9214?p=1009214
House Bill 336
Senate Committee on Natural Resources
March 25th, 2021

– vet board introduced the bill
– Nenna L. with the Vet Board of NV: claims it will not change the scope of practice for vet chiros or massage or physical therapists; as she understands that to be the concern of the opposition
– Senator Hansen immediately received opposition responses mostly from equine owners trying to understand the purpose of the increased legislation
– sponsoring Sen. Kieckhefer said he does not necessarily understand the concerns of the opposition as the definitions outlined in this bill do not change prior definitions or current law
– Hansen also expressed concerns for penalties for violating new regulations which include jail
– new regulation seems to suggest that no one other than a vet or vet tech or vet physical therapist can practice any type of modality on any animal; or that specialists must also be licensed or registered with the state, as appropriate
– two-hour recess
– 6 pm: opposition calls from the public were allowed

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