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Clinical effectiveness of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy as an adjunct treatment to eccentric exercise for Achilles tendinopathy: a randomised controlled trial

Abstract Background The Achilles tendon is the largest and strongest tendon in the human body. Achilles tendinopathy (AT) is a common clinical problem with Achilles…

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Prospects of magnetically based approaches addressing inflammation in tendon tissues

Abstract Tendon afflictions constitute a significant share of musculoskeletal diseases and represent a primary cause of incapacity worldwide. Unresolved/chronic inflammatory states have been associated with…

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Pulsed magnetic field therapy increases tensile strength in a rat Achilles’ tendon repair model

Abstract PURPOSE: To examine the effect of pulsing electromagnetic fields on the biomechanic strength of rat Achilles’ tendons at 3 weeks after transection and repair.…

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The effect of pulsed electromagnetic fields on flexor tendon healing in chickens

Abstract This study was designed as a pilot investigation of the effect of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) stimulation on early flexor tendon healing in a…

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Pulsed magnetic and electromagnetic fields in experimental achilles tendonitis in the rat: a prospective randomized study [Spanish]

Abstract OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effects of pulsed magnetic fields (PMF) and pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) on healing in experimental Achilles tendon inflammation in the…

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In vitro functional response of human tendon cells to different dosages of low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic field

Abstract PURPOSE: Chronic tendinopathy is a degenerative process causing pain and disability. Current treatments include biophysical therapies, such as pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF). The aim…

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