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Use of artificial magnetic field for rehabilitation of children with malignant tumors [Russina]


Local complications of standard intravenous injections for chemotherapy and due to error of administration were compared in 400 patients (200 of them children) and general wound pathologies described. Treatment for wounds included two modalities: standard medication and alternating or pulsating magnetic field. Magnetic therapy proved highly effective: wound healing was 3-3.5 times faster while duration of treatment–2-3 times shorter than in standard procedure. Clinically-verified partial adhesion-related intestinal obstruction was eliminated by magnetic procedure in 18 children after combined treatment for lymphosarcoma involving the ileum.
Vopr Onkol 2000;46(4):469-72
Kiselev AV, Grushina TI.
N.N. Blokhin Center for Oncology Research, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow.

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