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What is PEMF?

February 2021

My Introduction to Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

In late 2020, I accepted the VP of operations position with the Association of PEMF Professionals.  In an effort to better understand the company and its mission, I conducted my own research regarding PEMF.  Like most people, my first inclination was to google: “What is PEMF?”, and as everyone comes to realize, there is a plethora of information to consume.  I first found that the most prominent PEMF manufacturers and distributors pages’ appeared at the top of my results.  I explored their pages for research resources, testimonials about PEMF, and reviews regarding specific uses for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

I visited PubMed and read the abstracts available on various PEMF clinical trials and studies.  I also found a few books on the subject, although, it was surprisingly limited.  Mostly, there seems to be a conversation, or internet chatter, regarding the uses, benefits, treatment protocols, suggested power levels, and predictability of effectiveness, among the online PEMF community at large.  Because PEMF is a relatively new and newly popular holistic modality, there is a lack of centralized, reliable information on the science.  AOPP aims to fill this gap.  Our mission seeks not only to unify practitioners, manufacturers, distributors, and supporters, but it prioritizes educating the masses about the benefits and possibilities of PEMF.  Our goal is to share the research and the personal testimonies of our members to help heal MORE.

Next, I went to search current U.S. legislation and court cases regarding PEMF or its practitioners.  One of my first questions about the industry was who regulates PEMF?  And how?  And why?  So I dug deep into veterinary professional boards and state legislation regarding the use of medical devices on animals and what exactly constitutes a medical device in the first place.  Needless to say, I had much to learn!

PEMF Research

The research from the last few decades has helped advance the understanding of what PEMF is capable of in terms of general wellness and specific programs.  However, the most common question in our business still seems to be “What is PEMF?”.  Research must continue, as well as PEMF advocacy and education to the mainstream, accepted, holistic modalities.  Understanding what is PEMF is the first and most crucial step in growing the industry and expanding our profession.  When I first asked the question, “What is PEMF?”, everyone I asked agreed on one thing: you need to try it for yourself to really understand.  No matter what issue you are seeking to resolve, or what facet of overall general wellness you are hoping to optimize, you will garner a much better understanding after your own personal experience.

So, immediately I sought out PEMF practitioners and machines near me.  I was able to connect with AOPP members and business owners nearby to try a few different types of PEMF therapy.  Suddenly, the picture was much clearer.  I felt it, I get it. But I still have so much to experience in terms of PEMF.  I would love to get more experience with more devices, low and high powered, and continue to gain my own personal knowledge on how PEMF affects MY body.  Those who have the most experience with PEMF also have a huge library of knowledge through that experience to share.  Which is the next most important thing I learned after asking “What is PEMF?”.


PEMF is a community.  We are people passionate about helping and healing.  The more I researched PEMF, the more I found people going above and beyond trying to heal and help their loved ones, both human or animal.  PEMF therapy often requires frequency, pun intended, or repetitive treatment.  In some cases, PEMF is not for the faint of heart and most certainly is not a quick fix.  This concept took a little time to fully develop in my own mind, but can be summed up concisely by the phrase “there is no ‘one size fits all’”.  There is not a single device, or single frequency, or gauss measurement, or single protocol that is going to fit everyone or even most people’s needs.

As this understanding grew, so did my desire to find more reliable research.  Inevitably, the need for more research and the mission of AOPP intersect.  AOPP must be involved in the scientific research process to best ensure accurate and reliable information but also to further the mission of PEMF in totality.  When PEMF is scientifically validated and a proven modality, more people and animals can start benefiting from its uses.  And that is truly great news for us all!

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