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Red Light Therapy Certification

Red light therapy uses low level laser energy to help repair and regenerate cells and tissue. This course is designed to teach you all about how red-light therapy works, including the science, understanding, and research behind the modality, how it is best used, when to avoid use, and why it works well with PEMF sessions.

This course is especially helpful for wellness practitioners looking to learn more about low level laser therapy. Students will gain an understanding of the science behind light therapy as well as the history, applications, and benefits of using red light in a clinical setting. Earning your certification provides you with the knowledge and training needed to promote the benefits of this versatile treatment option.

Get laser therapy certified with the Red-Light Therapy Course. This certification will teach you about how red and near infrared light affects different areas of the body, so that you can apply this knowledge in your work as a wellness practitioner.

Course Objective: Unbranded, unbiased information aimed to educate the PEMF professional interested in the safe and effective use of Red-Light Therapy (RLT).


  1. Introduction
    • History & background
    • Most common uses
  2. Literature & Science
    • Explanation of the science
    • When not to use
    • Proven efficacies
  3. Exploration
    • Industry experts and leaders
    • Research articles, reviews, clinical trials, and case studies
  4. Conclusion
    • Instructor Information and Qualifications
    • Research Citations mentioned (bibliography)
    • Downloadable forms (as relevant)
  5. Exam
    • Multiple choice questions
    • Requires a minimum score of 80%

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