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Kentucky House Bill 79 (HB79) 2021

– already PASSED – “allows licensed massage therapists to use PEMF devices for which they are trained”
– governor signed into LAW March 18, 2021


Kentucky Revised Statutes Title XXVI. Occupations and Professions § 321.181. Definitions for chapter

(50) “Practice of veterinary medicine” means any person who practices veterinary medicine when performing any one (1) or more of the following on an animal:

(a) Directly or indirectly diagnoses, prognoses, corrects, changes, relieves, prevents, supervises, recommends, or performs medical or surgical treatment, including complementary and alternative veterinary medicine therapies, obstetrics, dentistry, oral surgery, acupuncture, laser therapy, manipulation, and all other branches or specialties of veterinary medicine, for the diagnosis, prevention, cure, or relief of a wound, defect, deformity, fracture, bodily injury, disease, or dental, physical, behavioral, or mental condition;
(b) Prescribes, dispenses, or administers any drug, medicine, anesthetic, biologic, appliance, apparatus, application, treatment, or other therapeutic or diagnostic substance or technique for veterinary purposes, or performs euthanasia, in accordance with the applicable federal statutes and regulations governing controlled prescription drugs, legend drugs, and veterinary drugs;
(c) Performs any manual procedure for the diagnosis, treatment, or both of pregnancy, sterility, or infertility, including embryo transfer;
(d) Represents oneself, directly or indirectly, as engaging in the practice of veterinary medicine; or
(e) Uses any words, letters, or titles as to induce the belief that the individual using them is authorized to practice veterinary medicine under this chapter with such use being prima facie evidence of the intention to represent oneself as engaged in the practice of veterinary medicine;

Ky. Rev. Stat. § 321.181

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